profilo di persona con cervello a tre colori Skippers


Know-how is needed to sail. We rely on extensive and solid experience together with creative management. On board, we work hard and we act with vision, rapidity and precision.

We have worked (and sailed) for and with major companies, strategic consultancy companies, and local entities. We are fully engaged in the provision of a high calibre offering to all our customers – large, small and very small – with diversified and tailor-made proposals.

Our vision has a 360° horizon. We do not just do things, but we give our customers the tools to communicate, organise and promote themselves, as well as to better sell their products in both difficult times and periods of growth.


One cannot improvise in order to sail. When needed, we bring experts on board to offer top class services in all the sectors and consultancy domains. Our shipmates include professionals in the domains of branding, visual communication, social media, web design and legal expertise.