Manuela brings creativity, enthusiasm, alternative viewpoints and extreme practicality for the conception and implementation of memorable projects and initiatives.

She has  extensive experience in marketing and customer management for major Italian companies, a very strong passion for music, culture and the enhancement of regional and local strengths, as well as a great storytelling ability.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Manuela devours books, undertakes training courses and  constantly develops herself, always with the same high level of enthusiasm and commitment.

In her professional experience, Manuela has worked for major companies in the Food, Beauty and Fashion industries, and with associations, cultural entities and municipalities.

She has gained significant skills as a business woman, artistic director and DJ, and she has a natural talent for working in partnership and seeing/showing problems, solutions and opportunities from different viewpoints

Her overall vision finds its roots in an innate creative spirit that has brought her to reinvent herself many times and she has a good understanding of her own areas of expertise.

She had grown up in a culture immersed in social values with a high level of attention, to the interdependencies between man, nature and culture.

Manuela supports companies that grow, reorganise and transform their business with creativity and energy, helping them to redesign sales & marketing functions and to relaunch their image through targeted campaigns, events and initiatives of all kinds and sizes. She builds and manages training initiatives in the fields of sales management and customer relations. In addition, Manuela coordinates and manages, in partnership with local authorities and associations, her activity as cultural operator and consultant to enhance and develop territories and their related excellences, focusing on art, music, theatre, cinema and local traditions. She has conceived many multidisciplinary projects, many of which are still active.

Manuela has consolidated and extended her solid professionalism through training related to marketing, personnel management, leadership, branding and social media management, endless reading and, in parallel, to working in a variety of different organisations.