Progetto di supporto ad imprese e professionisti


In 2020 we embarked on the journey of the Skippers Project.

From the Land of the Giants to Lilliput, working with determination and making available our experience and professionalism to big and very big, small and very small companies.

Travelling along this path is not easy in today’s environment but:

“One needs courage.
One needs determination.
One needs fantasy.”
Cit. Tiziano Terzani

We are the Skippers,  experienced sailors in the domains of communications and change management that a friendly wind has gathered along the way and who have decided to continue their journey together in a new project.

We are like our colors: different nuances that go well together on a palette.

Sometimes we knit while on the sofa watching a TED-X video or talking about a PR Week article. At the hairdressers we read handouts and notes from the latest online course instead of the gossip magazines. In the car we listen to an interesting podcast.

That’s who we are.

Professionals coming from large companies who have decided to combine their different experience and become a resource also for medium and small enterprises.

We are crazy, independent and very serious about our work. If there’s an emergency, we act immediately. If we need to investigate complex matters in depth, we arm ourselves with techniques and expertise to bring about long-lasting results.

We work with great professionalism, with a lot of experience and an attentive eye for new things.

From the press office to crisis communication to local initiatives, we are there.

Our vision is to give customers a compass, charts and experience to sail stormy seas.

The stormy sea is our core business.

“The three essential elements for achieving what it worth to be achieved are: 1) working hard, 2) determination and 3) common sense.”
Cit. Thomas Edison

We think we have all of them.