We live in a society where appearance is overwhelming. Perhaps this is why social networks are always more popular: nowhere, more than in them, are we allowed to build a “self” far from reality. We can paint ourselves differently from who we are, how we feel, how we face the world, and hide our daily problems.

Therefore, nothing is easier than giving in to the temptation of falling into a dummy and false representation.

But not everyone likes easy things. Not even me. Not even we, the Skippers. We have touched a difficult topic, we have challenged the stereotype that wants to see women of “a certain age” without a permanent job contract becoming “desperate housewives”.

We have decided to show exactly who we are, how we feel and how, maybe, someone else wants to see us. Why? Because we have the strength and the courage to be who we are. We don’t hide ourselves behind a suit but we don’t disdain sneakers.

We love a TedEx but we like TV series. Why we say this? Because for us nothing is better than transparency and simplicity. Because we are exactly who we are. Women, Ladies, Professionals. We use irony for a dynamic approach, to change the point of view, to look at situations and problems in a different way.

Irony, lightness, humor are some of the key elements of good leadership. Smiling reduces stress and promotes therefore the release of endorphins: smiling injects a general sense of well-being, better communication, cooperation and a sense of empathy. Iit happens within the walls of the house, it happens during executive dinners where big contracts are closed. We are committed, with our simplicity, to building a “light” environment for working with customers in a more efficient and productive way, where we all feel more available and concentrated.

Smiling and laughing then help to understand the needs, even if not expressed, of the people in front of us. After all, telling our story helps us to set relationships and find points of contact with our customers and partners, without giving up on our professionalism. Lightening our mind, when everything around can weigh us down, is the force that allows us to be supportive even in stressful conditions.

“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart.” (Italo Calvino)

We are not desperate housewives, but women who have decided to transform themselves, not to wait for something to happen, but to take matters into their own hands, women who believe in their independence.

We are, with our values  and our professional attitude in our joint work, a place for “women empowerment”, where we can collect and leverage the best of the different experiences that we had inside and outside the companies we’ve worked for.

Lightness requires character.

Lightness is the new normal.