Francesca and Saverio are fruit and vegetable sellers who operate in different markets between Bergamo and Milan. They only sell top quality goods and have built a solid and loyal customer base over the years, including some restaurants. During the lockdown they developed a new home delivery service by reservation, accompanied by an integrated social campaign.

Via Facebook they promoted their new service in the groups of citizens of the villages and towns in which they work and have built a database of contacts. Via Instagram they have posted their most interesting products. Via WhatsApp they have built a network for keeping in constant contact. They have also developed the “your shopping” service, analyzing customers’ consumption habits and offering them tailor-made purchases at discounted prices. Once the markets reopened, Francesca and Saverio have kept the “home channel” active with promotions. With the help of two collaborators and a branded van, they have increased their volumes and turnover by a third despite restaurants being closed.

In a case like that of Francesca and Saverio, at Skippers Project, we get on board and stay there for as long as it takes to rapidly analyze the situation and the market, to fine-tune the strategy and concept of the campaign, to identify channels and content, to elaborate the first posts and to follow the development of the campaign over time.