The Road of Emotions (La Via delle Emozioni©) is the project ideated by Skippers Project to give new life to the territory, enhance landscapes, monuments, knowledge and experiences, promote the features of the region. A project for all types of tourism.

“Phygital” landscapes, historical and cultural itineraries, in the open air, animated by initiatives and events designed on purpose for specific local needs, transform places into physical and digital destinations full of magic.

The Via delle Emozioni© is the backbone of territorial relaunch programs, as it promotes the discovery of new places to visit and experience.


The Via delle Emozioni© brings together local knowledge, memories, traditions, stories of the past, and everything that characterizes a territory, from landscapes to factories.

Storytelling represents the only way to make any events, even critical ones, known and understood, stimulating empathy and offering new points of view. Imagine a new experience of the territory that, through a dedicated app, transforms roads into itineraries and places into points of interest and attraction.

Imagine emotional journeys, school trips, sporting events, music festivals, gastronomic events, guided tours, cultural initiatives to discover and enjoy every stop of your journey. We bring to light all the beauty and the good of a place.

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