The Skippers Project aims to support companies and professionals by accompanying them in defining and developing their transformation, communications and marketing projects, as well as their customer management.


The name of a ship, the colour of its hull and sails, and the crew’s uniform are fundamental in order to get the ship recognised at a distance and in the midst of thousands of other ships. To leave a mark, you first need to draw it: we work on brand building in collaboration with experienced specialised agencies and professionals.


We collaborate in order to find the right content, timing, ways and channels to communicate with the target audience. We use our compass and an original methodology to find the best route to reach the destination. We work by using the tools already on board and we identify the new tools that will make for a smoother crossing.


Sometimes one has to change the route or face rough waters. Leveraging our experience, we look after all the immediate and subsequent actions that are needed to sail in unknown seas and to face storms. We aim to help our customers reach the port, while preserving their reputation and keeping the crew’s morale high by managing all difficult situations with determination and sensitivity. In crisis  situations, we also deal with defining the content and the appropriate methods of communication with institutional audiences and unions.


Where would a ship sail without the crew? It could not even leave port. We offer support in order to spread the captain’s voice at the right time, with the right words through both calm and rough seas. Together, we search for the appropriate tools, whether interactive or not; we develop short messages and long speeches; we find images and videos to communicate to the team we support.


As a ship that has a value beyond what it transports or awards that it has won, a business has values that go beyond its products. We focus on the best way for a company to promote its value and interact with its audience in order to build a long-lasting reputation. We sail properly in the stormy waters of mergers, acquisitions, creations of new companies, restructurings and closures, even for companies quoted at the stock exchange.


Leaders always have much to say and limited time at their disposal. We help them find the words, the content, methods and channels to communicate by supporting them with briefing material, agenda management and advising about how to best reach their communications objectives. We also work in advance with the press and influencers to avoid last-minute surprises. Our briefings are similar to ship-board meetings: rapid, efficient and focused.


Institutional stakeholders – central and local, large and small – have needs and rules to be understood and respected at all communications levels. We advise on and support the definition of material to be prepared for a dialogue and exchange with entities of all shapes and sizes to reach their business goals. It is similar to when a crew undertakes special preparation to meet with port management to address specific requirements.


Traditional media have a primary role in the creation of our reputation. If they speak well about a ship and the way it is managed and about its journey experience it will be much easier to find new customers, new talents and a favourable reaction from other audiences. Communicating our story to the media requires attention, focus, experience and knowledge of the sector and the tools – from press releases to interviews. We work together to build a relationship of trust with the Italian and the International press, whether business or trade press, to select the tools, tones and right timings to communicate and prepare value-added contents.


When we reach a port and we sight a city, we are attracted by lighting and beautiful windows  from which we can immediately understand whether what is on offer is suitable for us or not. With the assistance of very experienced partners, we help design and implement websites that express the characters of the business they represent in accordance with the rules of the sectors they operate in and that show their offerings by creating an environment where users can easily find the information they are looking for and want to return to. For us, the websites are more than simple.


To dialogue with the audience and keep the interest high, to widen a reference community, to communicate in real time, to use images, words and sounds to create emotions and sensations that turn into buying behaviours, consensus and positive attitudes is complicated and requires passion and technique. We prepare campaigns, plans and digital content for tools like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


All journeys deserve to be told in epic poems, short stories, historic romances or via music or arts. We help find the right words and ways to tell stories regarding any kind of activity and to help management to efficiently communicate to their reference audience. Leveraging on our experience and education, we can make the difference in the content you want to share and how at all levels.


With the weather continuously changing and in an environment where many people promise the same things, we can help make the difference. In stormy seas, we support our stakeholders in surfing the waves instead of just staying afloat. We help businesses, professionals and geographical regions to be chosen for the positives of what they offer, their values and the care that they express with regards to customers, users and the local population for the ease of working closely together and for the ability to solve small and big issues.  We also work together to build a successful customer journey, create unique selling experiences, organise and train sales and channel forces, and design ad-hoc loyalty programs. We help moving from selling in a shop to online sales, train sales forces and all those in the front line to search for and create new markets.

profilo di persona con cervello a tre colori Skippers


Events are an important occasion for sharing, an opportunity to showcase, be known and get in contact with stakeholders and the territory in which you operate. A well organised event is an experience for participants and organisers.

“A “narrative space” is a place that enriches and transforms the visitor, pushing the willing to come back as in the visit experience they find something that corresponds to practical exigences whilst a recognition relationship is created via media ecosystems (on line and off-line)” (Cit . Andrea Fontana)

The event is structured to catch the attention and to surprise those who attend to consolidate  reputation and  presence in a given sector.

We organise: conferences, exhibitions, business meetings, new product/service launches, fund raising, training and much more.


The future of a region necessarily finds its roots in the past. Our activities concerning regions are aimed at organising multidisciplinary and sustainable events which focus on the region itself and all its resources – human, social, historical, cultural, economic and environmental.

This means events that are conceived to enhance the economic, tourist and cultural potential through the cohesion and cooperation of the involved stakeholders so that every any entity can be stimulated.

Our objectives are: discovery and enhancement of the territory, cooperation among the social and commercial parties, cultural and local history promotion.

These objectives cannot be achieved by sporadic actions targeting single needs.  Instead, the creation of a favourable, welcoming and positive environment is necessary in order to foster the territory on an ongoing basis.